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Here is an idea I had thought about ever since I lost my first errant arrow many years ago and

I’m glad that the Burt Coyote Company took that idea and made a viable product come to fruition.

Lumenok – a lighted arrow nock – ready and easy to insert into any aluminum arrow with universal-nock bushing, or carbon arrows that accept insert style nocks.

The Lumenoks come in a package of 3 or more with instructions on how easy it is to insert them.

They add only 22 grains of weight to your arrow )or 16 to your Easton axis arrows) and a whole lot of brightness!

Grab your favorite arrow, remove the old nock from it, and insert the Luminok in its place.

You’ll notice the light will come on. To save on its battery power, pull the Lumenok out slightly, just enough so the light goes off. Now load your arrow into your bow and shoot. The force of the string will push the Lumenok into the arrow shaft just enough to trip the light into its on position.

Now you’ll have no problem seeing where your arrow has landed!

I first tested these out in a dimly lit indoor range. There were a couple other archers shooting beside me, not knowing my arrows were any “different” than theirs… until they seen them glowing on the target down range. “Wow! Those are cool!” Truer words were never spoken.

Lumenoks are not only great on the range, but out in the woods and fields while hunting.

My arrow shafts were fitted with Lumenoks when I was out turkey hunting one early morning in a field. Not only did I miss that tom, but I would have had no idea where that arrow actually landed, due to ricocheting off a rock, if it had not been lit up like a beacon. My not-so-cheap carbon arrow was found and retrieved!When you do make contact on that animal you are hunting, it’s much easier to follow the flight of that arrow and perhaps even see its lighted end sticking out your kill.

Not exactly sure where your arrow hit? If you have been videotaping your shot, you will clearly see where your arrow went. This is a great tool, especially in low light conditions.

More and more professional hunting videographers use Lumenoks in their filming for this very reason. They are one product I will certainly continue to use in my hunting.

Extra info: Lumenoks have a 3-volt lithium battery that has a 5 year shelf life and will stay lit continuously lit for 40 hours. Of course after retrieving your arrow, you’ll want to be sure you turn the light off to conserve battery power.

The price is: $9.95 each, package of three for $25.00, $2.00 shipping for up to 12 Lumenoks.

On their web site, you can also check out mini videos of what Lumenoks look like in action on deer and turkey hunts and also one on target shooting.

For more information on Lumenoks, and other products by Burt Coyote Co., check out their web site at:

Shoot straight and shoot often!


© September 2005