T.R.U.Ball Cyclone Release

I’ve been looking for a comfortable release and found one in T.R.U.Ball’s Cyclone release; actually in both of T.R.U.Ball’s styles of Cyclone releases.

My favorite is their release made from soft fleece material. Gone are the days of chaffing on the wrist from uncomfortable strapping! The soft fabric makes it almost unnoticeable on your bare skin. It’s also extremely quiet. This is perfect for hunting conditions when you may be out all day, and need a release strapped around your wrist for those hours on end in the woods. You won’t be uncomfortable wearing this release.

It has Velcro web straps for easy adjustment and super tight hold.

The 360º rotating head can be set to a fixed position with the tightening of a screw, or left to swivel.

The internal firing mechanism has no linkage to jaws so they can move independently.

The trigger you just pull to open and let up to close.

There is also an adjustable sensitivity screw to match your style of shooting.

The Cyclone uses a nylon web strap connection for less torque. It also falls away and allows you to tuck it in your sleeve when not in use because of the quick and easy connection.

It also has an infinite draw length, which is perfect for us women and youth with shorter hands.

The Cyclone is available in camo fabric with Velcro closure, or also in Classic black leather with buckle strap closure. Mechanical head is available in black or camo. 

The Cyclone won the Best Buy Winner award from “Inside Archery” trade magazine in 2003.


For more information on all the good products at T.R.U.Ball, please checkout: http://www.truball.com

Remember, shoot straight and shoot often, and may your arrows all fly true.


© May 2006