Trophy Taker Top Pin Sight

Many know the name Trophy Taker to be synonymous with a great fall-away rest, but did you know the company has an equally great bow sight? In fact, they have a couple.

One of these sights is the Trophy Taker Top Pin sight, which I have on my Mathews bow.

It is a 4-pin sight with the top pin being vertical, and it’s also the brightest of the 4 pins (that’s where the name Top Pin came from). The next two pins are on the horizontal, and the 4th and bottom pin is vertical.

There are over 50” of wrapped fiber optics on that top pin, so it’s great to mark as your 20-yard pin… if that’s the yardage at which you shoot most. All pins have fiber protectors.    

The fiber is wrapped over a band of glow in the dark tape. There is also a black band to wrap over the glow in the dark band, just in case you don’t need the extra brightness. I like to keep mine in the “glow mode” as I most often hunt from a ground blind where every extra bit of light counts at sundown.

When positioned behind the bow sight, you can see the sight ring also glow in the dark. This is an added feature that inventor and company president Dan Evans knew us hunters would appreciate.

Many sights on the market offer a bubble level as an option, but the extra large level bubble on the Top Pin sight comes standard. This is great for being able to correct that shot on the 3-D range or in the woods or field.

The sight is built of all metal construction – no plastic parts. With stainless hardware, you can be assured you will get no corrosion where screws meet the metal in any nasty weather Mother Nature will throw at you.    

Top Pin comes in either Slide Adjust or Micro Adjust models; available in camo or black.

I’m sure Top Pin will look smart and work great on your set-up, as much as it does mine.

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Shoot strait and shoot often and may all your arrows fly true.
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