LimbSavers® by SVL

Sims Vibration Labs (makers of the LimbSavers line) is truly an archer’s best friend. The many products they make provide the ultimate in shock and vibration dampening abilities for your bow. They also deliver you the quietest shot possible…bar none.

Because I am an avid archer, I have a few bows, and each of them sports different LimbSaver products from SVL. As a bow hunter, I would not even consider going into the deer woods without the noise reducing capabilities of LimbSavers to keep my prey unaware of my just released arrow.

My Mathews Switchback XT and Outback bows sport the various LimbSavers products:

  • Modular Stabilizer System: Not just for stabilizing the bow, but reduces noise, vibration and bow jumping. I use mine with the added Enhancer 2000.
  • Enhancer 2000: Another stabilizing product that can connect with other LimbSavers stabilizers to adapt to your shooting style, or be used alone.
  • String Leeches: Delivers maximum reduction of string noise (virtually “twang”-free!) with minimal to no speed loss.
  • Insulator Strip: This attaches on the front of the riser, and insulates your hand from the cold. 

For my bow fishing bow: Insulator Wrap so I can keep a good grip on my bow, even when wet. 

Even the quietest bows on the market today can still benefit from the extra noise reduction capabilities from the LimbSavers line of products.

NAVCOM™ (Noise and Vibration Control Material) is the blended mix of elastic materials that becomes the workhorse of LimbSavers products. Tests prove that with most bows, LimbSavers reduced bow limb vibration by as much as 65% and effectively cut shot noise around twelve decibels, which is a lot.

Most LimbSavers products for your bow are available in either black or camo.

Now you never need to have a loud bow again, no excuses, thanks to LimbSavers by SVL.

For more information on all of Sims Vibration Laboratory’s archery LimbSavers products, check out:

Shoot straight and shoot often, and may all your arrows fly true.


© June 2006