Mossy Oak Apparel Pass Through Gloves

Mossy Oak is the camouflage of choice for thousands of hunters, so it’s no wonder that when a new hunting product comes out, it’s going to be patterned in Mossy Oak Break Up.

Technology has produced some amazing advances in hunting apparel over the past decade. Mossy Oak Apparel continues to bring the best of these advances to you every season.

Mossy Oak Pass Through gloves came about as a better way for archers to keep their hands warm without the bulk of having to keep their wrist-strap tightly secured over their glove.

Not only have the Pass Through gloves kept my hands warm on chilly days in Minnesota, but they have also been a Godsend when crawling through cactus and cow pie infested grounds out west while chasing mulies and antelope.

Most importantly, the Pass Throughs are designed to work with an archer’s wrist-style mechanical release. It allows the archer to wear her release next to her skin and still have her hand covered.

The underside of the glove has a cutout in the palm for your release to pass through.

An extra-added benefit to this glove is the black leather trigger finger. You can feel even the lightest trigger release.                                                                

The fabric on the inside of the hand is very soft and quiet, and the fabric on the top of the hand is in a stretchy camo for ease of articulation. Each glove incorporates VaporTec, an advanced sweat absorbing, quick-drying technology, which expels moisture vapor faster, making you feel cool and comfortable at all times. Fast drying is guaranteed, so you can wear it right after you wash it. This system allows you to enjoy physical activity and keep optimal body temperature. The performance of this technology is maintained wash after wash.

There’s a wide elastic stretch band with Velcro closure on the wrist that makes putting on the gloves and taking them off a breeze.

The Pass Through glove is available in Mossy Oak Break-Up, Obsession, and also a Scent-Loc lining.

The Pass Through glove has become a part of my regular hunting arsenal. You’d do well to make it part of yours too.

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Shoot straight, shoot often and may all your arrows fly true.