Grim Reaper Broadheads Shorter bloodtrails… longer stories

Mechanical broadheads have come a long way over the past few years, and one of the very best is from the innovative company that’s known as Grim Reaper Broadheads.

I like trying new things, and when Jay, the president of the company visited the WomenHunters booth last January at the annual Archery Trade Association show, I knew I just had to try these.

Can women shoot mechanicals? In the past the answer may have been “no,” but today’s broadheads, as long as you are shooting the correct arrow for your draw weight and the correct grain broadhead, can work beautifully. This is good news, as most women shoot between 40 and 50 pounds. As long as your bow is set up correctly, expandable broadheads will work for you.

The Razortip broadhead sports bleeder blades (patented mini-tip blade razors) on its trocar tip (Trocrazor) which is extra insurance in cutting power. They’re also the fastest opening blades on the market!

I found this out firsthand on a recent deer hunt, when a 10-pt buck stopped broadside at twenty yards. I released my Razortip-studded arrow, and it found its way to the deer’s heart. After field dressing the buck, the heart was pulled aside for closer inspection, and it was discovered that this buck really did die of a broken heart. Thank you Grim Reaper!

A big plus for these broadheads is the fact that they don’t use any rubber bands or O-rings that many other broadheads depend on, and of which can break and render them useless.  It’s also easy to forget to bring along extra O-rings in your fanny pack, should you need extras while out in the field, and Murphy usually dictates that you’ll need extras!  (Unfortunately, I’m speaking from experience.)

The Grim Reaper blades always stay closed in flight and never open until impact.

Here is the good news from their company:

The Grim Reaper Razortip came on the market in 2000 and rewrote the book on mechanical heads. It solved all the problems mechanicals had. With it you can take steep angled tree-stand shots, steep quartering shots and up hill/down hill shots and not worry about deflection. The three blades float independently on a rugged shock absorbing spring and open without any kick on the arrow. Grim Reaper has never had one complaint in 7 years of selling Grim Reaper mechanicals of a Grim Reaper deflecting. You can shoot Grim Reapers through plywood, steel drums, 2300 pound buffalo, 10 ft Brown bears and just about anything else. The blades only take one pound of pressure to open. The Razortip produces huge entrance holes, and women and youth shooting 38-41 lb bows (generating 37 lbs of kinetic energy) are getting pass-throughs on whitetail deer with it.

Grim Reaper Razortip comes in 75, 85, 100, and 125 grains. Blades are ground, honed, and stropped 440C stainless steel. Trocrazor blades are .015" thick, and mechanical blades are .035" thick. 75 gr - 1 1/8", 85 gr, 100 gr & 125 gr - 1 3/8" cutting diameter. 100 gr & 125 gr also available in 1 3/4" cutting diameter. 100% made in USA. Super premium machining tolerances!

MAXX EDGE SS Blades: All Grim Reapers feature patented MAXX EDGE SS blades - .035" super thick blade for strength necked down to .020" then sharpened for Maximum Strength and Maximum Sharpness. This unique feature gives Grim Reaper an edge on the competition. Grim Reaper offers two other broadheads in their line also: The Razorcut and a fixed blade called The Hades. They sport all the great cutting power as their original Razortip has. The Grim Reaper web site even holds opportunities for you to send in your stories and photos to their “Entrance Holes,” “Bone Busting” and “Watch’em Drop – Shorter Bloodtrails” contests, which will be on their web site and free gifts given out to those whose entries are posted. Please visit their website and check out the various technical videos they have on how and why the broadheads work, ie. “Traditional Fixed vs Mechanicals,” “Fixed Blade vs Mechanicals,” “Razortip vs Microheads & Mechanicals,” “Steel Barrel, Plywood, Bone…” and the list goes on:

For more information on Grim Reaper Broadheads, check out their website at:

Shoot straight and shoot often!