LumaWraps By Eze-Eye Archery Products

After trying to figure out how I can get my hunting arrows to glow sans batteries, I’ve discovered a product by Eze-Eye Archery Products. They’re called LumaWraps, and they glow only in the dark, and glow brightly they do!

If you expose the wrap to just three minutes of ambient light, it will glow for up to eight hours. In translation, that means if you are sitting out in your tree in the light of the afternoon, by evening, you’re arrow wraps will begin to glow, and glow all night!

We all know that deer like to come out at dark-thirty, and shooting an arrow clothed in a LumaWrap will make your job of searching for that arrow much easier. I promise.

On one evening of hunting, I left my quiver full of arrows up in my treestand, as I knew I would be out early the next morning. It was 5:00 a.m. when I was walking to my stand site in the pre-dawn blackness and nothing could be seen without the aid of my headlamp… except for my arrows that were glowing high up in my oak tree.


And then I even said it backwards, “Wow!”

I was impressed! Not a thing in the woods was visible except the LumaWraps on my arrows. Now I have the perfect hunting arrow set-up. Because I purchase my arrows with fletching/vanes already attached, I wrap my LumaWraps just below the bottom of my vanes. This gives me a long length of illuminability (my own word) on my arrows. The more I can see glowing, the better. Best part is that they are not game spooking. They start out a light lime green color and then change to the likeness of a glow stick as the darkness grows.

They are made with a “secret” adhesive that will stay attached to your arrows, carbon or aluminum. No worries there.

LUMAWRAPS (12 per pack) are $29.95

Also, Eze-Eye has some pretty cool decals. One of my favorites is the awesome looking Tribal Hunter “Eat More Meat” decal. I sport it on my vehicle!

The decals are ready to apply to whatever you choose. Decals will last for years outside. All decals come in WHITE only and measure approximately 3.5 in. x 3.5 in. One per pack. $4.95

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Shoot straight and shoot often!


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