RAGE 2-Blade Broadheads

On a recent bear hunting trip, I sat in my ground blind with a quiver full of arrows ready to let loose on a bait-hungry bear. I hate to say that no bear ever showed up on that weekend up north, but three raccoons did.

I put the first RAGE 2-Blade broadhead-tipped arrow on my bowstring, and let it fly. That raccoon, along with two more that foolishly followed him, ended up as bear bait themselves. Three racoons down with RAGE!

The Rage 2-Blade features the revolutionary SlipCam Rear Blade Deployment System, which when fully deployed, gives you a full 2” cutting diameter.

This also gives you no loss of kinetic energy and they eliminate deflection.

RAGE’s exclusive ShockLock System holds each blade in place without the need for rubber bands. They automatically lock in place.

See how they work by clicking this link: http://www.ragebroadheads.com/howItWorks.html

Best of all, they fly like your field tips do, so no needing to retune your bow for hunting season. One less thing to have to worry about!

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Shoot straight and shoot often!


© December 2007