WomenHunters Mid-west 3-D Archery Tournament

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It all started one bright (well, not so bright) and early Saturday morning in March, with a chilly temperature of 36º. Was this springtime in Missouri? It really didn’t matter though.

It sure beat the Minnesota snowstorm I drove through just the day before to get to this event.

sign at Twin Rivers

While out at Cole Camp, Missouri for the first WomenHunters 3-D Shoot Fundraiser, with the help of Twin Lakes Bowbenders Archery Club, we donned our quilted camo jackets, gloves, and long underwear, and headed to our WomenHunters booth in the pavilion.

There was a warm campfire roaring just a stone's throw away, so we often abandoned our posts to help warm up during the early morning hour.

By 7 a.m., there was already a good line-up at the registration table to shoot the 40-acre course.

Not long after, the sun was beginning to show and we knew it was going to be a good day.

That was real good news for WomenHunters executive director Sue Burch, as she was woefully unprepared for such chilly weather. More than her sweater would be needed to take the shiver out of her South Carolinian bones, but I came prepared as a Boy Scout! I dug my heavy parka and fleece hat out of the truck from last falls’ hunting trips, and lent it to her to help curb her shivering. It wasn’t until my sleeping bag wrapped tightly around her, and some chemical heat warmers, that she became toasty warm!

We at the WomenHunters table were busy selling raffle tickets for various prizes that so many companies graciously donated to help our organization.

Besides shooting your bow, you could try your luck at tomahawk throwing.

The Twin Lakes Bowbenders Archery Club has land with a beautiful pond situated in the center of the grounds, with the shooting course set-up all around it. What a beautiful backdrop!

I walked the course with some of our very own WomenHunters Pro Staffers, shooting pictures of them, while they shot arrows at targets (and trees and ground and…) Many arrows were lost, but the fun and camaraderie that these women had was priceless. For some, it was their first time ever shooting in a 3-D tournament. For others, it had been many years. All said they would probably pick it up again since it was so much fun. Not to mention great for honing yardage distance estimating, for when hunting rolls around.

Later in the afternoon, hunts in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma were raffled off; as well as a muzzleloader, shotgun, Heater Body Suit, digital trail cameras, custom-made hunting parka, and 3-D targets. Lots of great hunting goodies!

At the end of the day’s festivities, trophies were awarded to the top three winners of each of the following classes: Open Class, Pro, Bare bow, Trad/Recurve, and Fingers shooters.



Immediately following, there was a photo of for all the lucky (and talented) winners.

Our WomenHunters took trophies also!

All the 3-D targets that were used for the shooting event were also auctioned off to the highest bidder.


Everybody went home a winner, as there were door prizes for all.

A dinner was also prepared for the WomenHunters and those hard workers of the Bowbenders Archery Club. Various local restaurants including Applebees and KFC provided the food. After dinner, a plaque was presented to the Twin Lake Bowbenders for supporting and hosting the first ever WomenHunters' fundraiser.

A surprise award was also given to Sue Burch, for her involvement in WomenHunters. She truly deserved the award, as she fills most of her days and nights with the upkeep and on-goings of the organization. This award she referred to as her "Tony". I think Sue and "Tony" make a good pair!

At the evening's get-together; we were also treated to the viewing of the first WomenHunters Outdoors TV show that will be aired for the first time April 4th on the Sportsmans Channel. Thanks to both Tommy and Wanda Garner, who made it all possible. Both were present at the weekend tournament and even did some more filming for some up-coming shows.

Members of WomenHunters who were present at this Midwest Archery Tournament were:

(kneeling)Deanna Jones; (seated) Sue Burch, Linda Thompson, Lisa Metheny, Janice Baer; (back row) Tracy Ledgerwood, Marti Davis, and Alyssa Haukom. (not photoed: Lisa Cooper and Wanda Garner)

Lisa Cooper, who organized the whole event and Wanda Garner are other WH members shown below with their trophies.

A portion of the monies collected from the tournament went to the Bowbenders Archery Club and the rest to WomenHunters. WH hopes to hold future disabled hunts for women and also special hunts for kids with the monies earned.

We’re already talking about next year’s shoot and it will be even bigger and better than the first! If you didn’t have the opportunity to make it out this year, be looking for it in the spring of 2006 in Cole Camp, Missouri.

See you there!