Dr. Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund!

Update: There were 5 Women Hunter members who sent Michele Leqve money for her cancer research drive, and there for they were included in the drawing for the Turkey print!

  • Sue Burch
  • Linda Thompsom
  • Lisa Methany
  • Janice Baer
  • Alyssa Haukom

And the Winner is...... Janice Baer, Congratulations Janice! Michele's husband Jim drew Janice's name!

With the help of these 5 members Michele raised $7,500.00 from family and friends across the Untied States! With those funds and the funds that were raised at the ATA show from all of the Archery companies, they raised OVER $73,000.00!!! And that number is still climbing! Dr. Arnold S. Leonard and Dr. Salzmann, were extremely grateful to everyone involved in this fund raiser and Michele wants to thank these ladies from the bottom of her heart for their contributions! She said she couldn't have done it with out you!

Hello everyone, I have a special request from all of you!

First I want to tell you all that I am getting my head shaved at the ATA show (Archery Trade Association Show) in Atlanta in January 2006!!! I am shaving it to raise money for cancer research!! Some of you already know that, my mother and father died of cancer, my husband’s wife (Marilyn) before me, died of cancer, my uncle Jay died of cancer, and my Uncle Tommy, and Aunt Evelyn have cancer now! So it is all around us, and one of the only ways I can help is to get my head shaved!   

It's for Dr. Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund! Dr. Leonard is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School and holds two bachelor's degrees and a Ph.D. from the U of M. He is known internationally for innovative surgery on pediatric tumors, chest deformities, and anterior spine approaches, as well as the development of novel surgical techniques, devices, and protocols!!!

Most of the funds that Dr. Leonard receives are from Sportsmen and women across the United States !! They have had the "Baldy Award" at the ATA show for the past 7 years! My self and another woman named Deb & a few guys in the archery industry are going to help raise that money by getting our heads shaved! Most of the funds will come from Archery companies who donate money to this event every year!

My goal is to get some funds together before I head to the show, to show them I have raised my own funds first! I do not believe that anyone has raised money first before getting their head shaved! I will be the first to bring my own money from friends and family!

Here is where you all come into play! I'm not asking for a ton of money, I realize that charity comes at home first, but if you all could dig deep into your pockets and send me a check or money order for $10.00-$25.00, (or what ever you can afford) to:

Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund #8288.  I would greatly appreciate it! I would like to receive all of the funds by November 30th if possible! And please make sure you put (WomenHunters) under your return address, I ask this because I will be keeping track of all the people at Women Hunters who send me money, I will then put their names in a drawing and I will be giving away a Wild Turkey print! I cannot make out the artist name, First name is Gary ! The print number is: 271/2450. The framed print is 27 1/2 X 34 ½! When I get back from the ATA show in January, I will post a report as to how much money you all helped me to raise, And I will also tell you how much was raised by all of the Archery companies! I will post and or send you a new picture of my Bald Head too!! (Just what you all want to see, HA!) Please consider helping out Dr. Leonard and his unbelievable research! I appreciate it very much, and I hope to hear from all of you real soon! Thank you so much for your time, and your donations!!!

Love, Michele 

Anyone wanting more information on Dr. Leonard:

Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund #8288

c/o Minnesota Medical Foundation, Suite 818
Riverside Professional Building
606 24th Avenue SouthMinneapolis MN 55454

Office: (612) 341-9498