Women Hunters' Christmas Wishes

Admit it. Your friends think you're nuts. Meeting for coffee and sharing what you've received for Christmas results in blank stares and snickers all around the table. Heads are thrown back in laughter. Your friends refuse to believe you when you profess that it's great to get hunting stuff for Christmas. They think you're covering up for someone's worst mistake of the year. They've even cast their eyes downward, quietly feeling so sorry for you. But, WE all know they simply do not "get it."

We truly DO love to get hunting stuff for Christmas, birthdays, or even anniversaries--any kind of hunting stuff: a new deer, duck or turkey call; the newest camo pattern; some Scent-Lok; Gore-Tex; or Thinsulate camouflage hunting boots. We always need warm socks, more arrows, a journal, or a new gun cleaning kit. . Heck, a new gun or bow would be great. A videotape or two, computer games, a new rest, limb silencers, 3-D targets, a turkey blind, another hang-on or climber would be appreciated. How about a new fanny pack filled with a set of two-way radios?

We know the worst mistake would be NOT getting us something to do with hunting or processing of our game: wild game cookbooks, a new knife, a turkey fryer or Dutch oven, seasoned breading, a jerky-maker, or a compact camp stove. Oh, I suppose we would think it was OK to get an ATV or canoe or duck boat. They don't fit under the tree so well, but that's all right.

We know our presents won't be admired by most of our friends or even looked at in envy. We seldom hear them proclaim, "That's what I want next year!" or even "You're so lucky!" Just as some of our girlfriends believe Christmas means diamonds, emeralds and rubies from places like Zales, The Diamond Center or Donald Haack Diamonds, we believe Christmas means Gore-Tex, Thinsulate and wool from places like Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops or Gander Mountain.

If our significant others, friends and relatives know us at all, they know who we are, what we're all about and what we like: gadgets we can use in the field, materials that keep us warm and dry, and tools that help us be successful at the hunt. If they know that about us, know what stirs us from within, know what we love, then they know they can't go wrong with hunting presents.

Women Hunters Christmas Wish List

(to be placed strategically in your home):

My Size: (fill in):

Gore-Tex camo rain suit (with a scent-elimination system would be a bonus!) Size:

Gore-Tex, Thinsulate boots Shoe Size:

"Scent-elimination" camouflage Camo pattern: Size:

Camouflage insulated jacket and/or pants Camo pattern: Size:

"Spittin Feathers" tape along with diaphragm calls

3-D deer or turkey target for off-season practice

Turkey vest w/seat cushion, pocket filled with a box or slate call

Deer, duck or turkey blind

Hang-on tree stand with climbing sticks, Favorite Brand:

or a climber with full-body safety harness Alternate Brand:

Bow compound/recurve Draw length: Weight:


gun (either, fitted specifically to YOU) Mfg: Style: Type

(or a "coupon" worth a visit and purchase at the local gun or bow shop)

A day at the spa (Yes, after all those long days spent hunting, a day at the spa getting pampered would be very nice)

Weekend getaway at a BOW or WITO event (husband takes care of the kids)

Weekend hunting trip booked for two (take a friend or plan it as a romantic hunting weekend...hmm...works for me!)

and last, but not least:

diamond necklace or earrings... (pearls, rubies or emeralds work too) placed in a small box in the toe of our new hunting boots! (Yes, we DO, in fact, like to get jewelry too!)



© December 2002