Camo Hunting Trailer

With a two-week Wyoming hunting trip looming just a month and a half away, and needing to haul gear from Minnesota for not only myself, but for three other women hunters, I knew my Suburban alone wouldn’t be able to carry all our cargo. We do own a couple open trailers, but oh how I wished I had an enclosed trailer for this trip!

As luck would have it, a couple friends of mine knew I was in want of a small-enclosed trailer, and they offered to give me their old one… for free! They sent me a photo of the trailer, and despite it being home made and battleship gray; I knew with a little work, it would work out just fine.

Can you believe orange shag carpeting?
After bringing it home, my mind began whirring as to how I could turn it from a ho-hum trailer into a great hunting trailer. I would paint it camo!

I knew that I would also need help from my family, as I was recently involved in an auto accident and was sporting a cast on my broken wrist. I couldn’t manipulate my right hand the way I needed to.

(You may notice some photos with me wearing a sock and a latex glove on my hand/arm to keep my cast clean and free from paint.)

First order of business was to pull the orange shag carpeting out! Why on earth that was ever placed in there was beyond me! Next I tore off all the cardboard that was stapled to the four inside walls.

Then I wrote down its inside dimensions and made a list of products that were needed for my makeover project.  Rubber gaskets, paint, new ball hitch, vinyl flooring, chocolate, etc.

After a lunch of pizza and chocolate, my husband Mike and I headed to a couple of stores for the essentials, including more chocolate. We got started on our project that very afternoon.

With wire wheels attached to our power drills, we began stripping the peeling paint and the rust off the trailer. The metal fenders were first, then on to the wood base, and ending up on the tire rims. With all the paint and rust particles clinging to the trailer, a good spraying with some Extreme Green degreaser and a shower with the pressure washer was in order. We let it dry and vowed to continue with the project tomorrow.

Day 2 and beyond

We were able to get all the hardware off, lightly sand the wood in those areas, and pull off the old gasket that was used as weather stripping. That was actually the tedious part, as there were so many staples that needed to be pulled, many of which broke as we pulled. The brittle broken staples that were left behind in the wood got center punched below the surface.

Removing old, worn hardware Hardware off, ready to be cleaned and painted
Wire brushing all metal Daughter Emily, with the raspberry colored hair, is helping with the painting.
 Husband Mike getting in on the act.  Mike re-greasing the old ball bearings

Next we painted two coats over all the metal, wood, and then the wheel rims to keep any corrosion from appearing any time soon.

Mike re-greased all the ball bearings in the wheels to avoid any freeze-ups, as the trailer was old and hadn’t been used for many years.

Emily beginning the blotch painting….

...And me finishing up in another color The beginning of the color blotches on the rims and the main trailer
Finished with all the camo painting
Now for the inside painting

Painting the camo colored blotches is what I have been looking forward to most. We had to mix some colors to get the desired color we wanted for a particular camo blotch. Like Almond and Leather Brown mixed together made a nice tan. Almond, Hunter Green and a little Black made a more desired Olive Drab color.

The outside of the trailer was completely “camo-ized”, and was now ready for the almond paint for the inside of the trailer.

Dated for posterity A good place for my hunting decals 

With the inside paint now added, son Daniel cut and laid a light-colored vinyl remnant for the new flooring. It looks so much better than that orange shag carpeting! Unfortunately, the smell of new paint and vinyl would linger for a long time. I placed several Earth Scented wafers inside and hoped they would work.

Daniel also added some old Rambler hubcaps that we had hanging up in our garage. Why not use them on the trailer! I think it makes it look snazzy!!

Lastly, hardware, reflectors, weather stripping, new ball hitch and lights all finished off the trailer.

Now it would be ready for my trip west! Get the chocolate!!

Completed and ready to be filled with gear  

Finally on the road!!

Completely filled with bowhunting gear…. Treestands, ground blinds and a whole lot more!

This hunting trailer was a fun endeavor to undertake. I can’t thank friends Owen and Heidi enough for providing this unique trailer for me, and my family for helping out in a big way! Also, my bowhunting lady friends, giving it names like “The Pod,” “The Deer Coffin,” and “The Treasure Chest.”

It was certainly eyesight for others to see rolling down the highway. I think maybe they liked it as much as we did! Now it’ll be handy for all my future hunting adventures. Stay tuned!