Kansas City SCI Hunting Expo 2009

I participated in the Kansas City 2nd Annual “Celebrity Seminar Series” Hunting Expo, which was held February 20th through the 22nd, 2009. Sponsors included Bass Pro Shop, Bushnell, Hodgdon Powder and BowTech. There were about 75 exhibitors at the expo.

Several Midwest outfitters were on hand with hunting opportunities for game such as buffalo, elk, whitetail deer, turkey, upland game and waterfowl. The Expo was held at the Kansas City International Convention Center near the airport, which allowed for more turn out by Big Game Outfitters as well as International Outfitters. North American outfitters in the western mountain states of the US, Alaska, and Canada were there offering big game hunts for elk, antelope, moose, bear and caribou. International outfitters from African were promoting hunts in various regions of Africa, which offers year round hunting opportunities for a variety of game. Other outfitters offered hunts in New Zealand and other European countries.

Other booth exhibitors included Missouri Dept. of Conservation, Kansas Dept. of Wildlife and Parks and the National Rifle Ass'n. I was also happy to see a youth hunting club booth.

Celebrities included several TV personalities and hunting experts. TV personalities included Family Tradition’s show host Haley Heath, who held 3-D demonstrations with her husband. Keith Mark of McMillian River Adventures conducted seminars which promoted hunting primarily moose, in Alaska and the NRA.  Jim Mueller of American Outdoorsman TV presented seminars on hunting Alaska. Outdoor writer/celebrity hunter Bob Robb also attended giving seminars on big game hunting in North America. I offered presentations on “Whitetail Deer Hunting Techniques.” Other seminars also included ones for waterfowl and turkey hunting techniques.

On Saturday there was a waterfowl calling contest and nationally known callers John Vaca and Jeff Foiles attended. This was a great opportunity for children, youth, and adults to particpate.

SCI Sables held a luncheon on Saturday and that evening there was a benefit banquet and auction at the convention center. I want to mention that the Sables also provided my lunch at their banquet and passed out small gifts for all of those in attendance. In appreciation for this I also purchased a membership with their club and am also a member of SCI. By the way, a tip that was passed on to me by one of the African outfitters was that you can normally get your best price bargain on an African hunt by bidding on one at an auction.

My 1 hour seminars were a great success. My first seminar on Saturday was attended by Keith Mark of MacMillian Adventures. At the end of the presentation he took time to shake my hand and said what an awesome job I had done and that the information was very impressive. Now I have to admit to all of you though, that being a mother of young children I do not have time to watch the TV very often, so it was not until one of the audience members told me who he was that I even knew. At that point I realized this was quite a compliment for me coming from a TV celebrity.

I was very well received at the Women Hunters booth which I had set up. 80% of the people that walked by my booth would stop, look at my display, talk to me, ask questions and take a brochure on Women Hunters or my business card. I had people that came back to find me because they wanted to talk to me while I had been at lunch or in a seminar. I ran out of Women Hunters brochures by 1:30 and ran out of business cards by 4:00. This was a very positive response.

I also had the opportunity to meet Carol O'Day of the new TV show "The American Huntress" which is due to begin airing in July of 2009. She came to by booth to visit with me, as I had picked up one of her business cards earlier. We talked for about 30 minutes. I found her very personable and hope to be able to do a phone interview and additional article about her and her show in the future.

The photos below were taken at my “Whitetail Deer Hunting” seminar and at the booth that I worked for Women Hunters.