Fall is here, it’s my favorite time of the year,
I see fields of gold corn,
And herds of beautiful deer.
The pheasants are out running through the slough,
The fox stay low while they search for you.
This season will end with a smile and a tear,
Because I think about you this time of the year.

“THIS TIME OF THE YEAR,” was a poem I wrote when I was 22 years old for my ex-boyfriend, Scot. He was a deer, turkey and pheasant hunter, a trapper, a lover of nature and all animals. The Poem is silly and juvenile I know, but was so true at the time. Although we no longer dated, we remained friends and throughout the years following our breakup I always missed him the most, when fall would arrive.

You see, I didn’t grow up hunting and because I loved animals, I never wanted to hunt them. Any stray cat or dog simply became my new best friend. Any wounded animals became my patients, and if any of our animals looked cold in the winter, I would always ask my mom if we had any old coats or shirts that I could lay outside for them to curl up on. I was the fixer-upper, if you know what I mean.

Dating Scot was a good thing back then, he taught me about hunting, trapping and conservation. He gave me all of the correct information I needed to understand how it was done and it made me see why hunting was so important and why it was so important in his life. Scot and I are still friends, and to this day the poem still makes me smile and think of him and what he brought to my life at such a young influential age.

Normally by the time September rolls around, I have already been on at least two big game hunts and I’m waiting for the next one to start. You see, Jim took over where Scot left off. Now, all these years later, I still love “This time of the year,” except this time, it isn’t about the silly poem I wrote for Scot. It’s about loving the fall, hunting and spending quality time with my loving, wonderful, and very knowledgeable husband and partner. Thanks to Jim I have become an accomplished bow hunter, and conservationist, and I love and enjoy of all kinds of Big Game hunting.

I cherish my days in the woods and spending quality time with my husband doing what we love to do, together. Life is grand, exciting and rewarding, especially “This time of the year.”

Copy write © Michele Leqve 2007