~Woman Hunter~

~Woman Hunter~

I am woman, see me stand
With bow and arrow in my hand.
Camo-covered head to toe
Ready for a buck or doe.
Doesn’t matter much to me
Both serve up deliciously.

When outside and on the ground,
I listen close and hear a sound.
Spotted by an old oak tree
A whitetail feeds in front of me.

Range the yardage, pick my pin
This is where the fun begins.
String to nose and eye to peep,
Drew back far so string won’t creep.
Steady my breath and follow through
Praying that my arrow flies true.

It hits its mark and just as fast
It runs away but life won’t last
Cause just a little down the way
It’s piled up and there to stay
Until I stop with grateful heart
And thank the Lord to be a part
Of such a wonder, such a thrill
For this woman to hunt and be fulfilled.

~Janice Baer