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ATA Show 2006

These photos were taken by Janice Baer

Wildlife Research
PSE Truck
Primos & Janice
Janice & Mike Walldell
Knight & Kale
Jim Fletcher Archery
Janice & TBone
Jen at Rotaflex
Diamond by Bowtech
Heather, Timm, Janice & Fred
Sue & Danny Burch
Innovative Design
Carbon Express
Deb, Heather, Michele & Linda in WildTech Booth
Scorpyon Tech.
Gateway Feathers
Heidi, Jen & Julie
Dead Down Wind
Featured Products
Deb & Michele at hair shaving
Vickie & Ralph with WomenHunters
AMS Bowfishing


AMS BowFishing - Fish Display
Michele at hair shaving
Deb at hair shaving
Deb at hair shaving

2007 ATA Show

Overwhelming, that is a good word to describe the 2007 Archery Trade Association Show. With 300,000 feet of exhibit space packed full of the best products on the market and the new products trying to make a name for themselves you can quickly become lost in the chaos of trying to keep up with what interests you and what blows your mind!

This years ATA show shined with new innovative ideas to improve your hunting or competitive archery skills. You could test all the new bows on the market, meet and greet with the pros, and even get to see some of the nice hunts from this past season. We were able to catch up with old friends and finally meet some people we look up to. A highlight for me at the show was getting to shake hands with Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo. I have looked up to them as a highly respected couple in the industry who let their hunting stand for them and are very humble, caring people. Meeting them was truly an honor. I was also privileged to get to meet Fred and Michele Eichler the owners of Muzzy broadhead company. They presented two very deserving people with the 2006 Muzzy Tall Man award. The Tall Man award has been around for years and is given to people who stand tall among their peers by teaching and promoting archery. This years recipients were Jim and Lynne Frady the Owners of Team Frady Outdoor Adventures. Jim and Lynne were on the road 148 days this year teaching archery to women and children and promoting archery at shows, shops, and events! Jim and Lynne reach an estimated 10,000 people a year with their archery programs doing more than there part to keep this great sport going. It is an honor for Richard and I to be on Team Frady’s Regional Pro Staff and we are humbled by this every time we are around these two wonderful people!

Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo
Michael Waddell with shaved head

Another event we got to be part of at the ATA show was the Baldy Award. This has become a popular fund raiser for cancer research. Michael Waddell, Fred Eichler, and Ralph Cianciarulo were the lucky ones to get there head’s shaved to benefit cancer research. This year upwards of 80,000 dollars was raised to go to Cancer Research by the companies and brave souls walking around with shiny heads.

There were several new and innovative products on the market this year. It seemed like every company had either a new product to show or had added innovation to an already great product. There were several things that caught Richard’s eye and a few that caught mine. On top of that list is of course the new technology Hoyt has put behind there bows. We both shoot Hoyt and agree they are the best bows on the market, so we were anxious to see how you can make the best even better. On there new line of bows they introduced Stealthshot technology, a new Vector & C2 Cam & 1/2 system, Dual Rizershox, and all that new Technology is wrapped up in the newest, baddest, bow we shot at the show. The name Hoyt surely belongs on the new Vectrix. It was amazingly smooth, quiet, with absolutely no vibration. Debuting eleven brand new boys of their sixteen bow lineup Hoyt surely is set to impress for 2007.

Eastman Outfitters has come out with some awesome new blind setups for any type of hunting, whether you are chasing eastern turkeys here in Tennessee with a bow, or chasing antelope in Wyoming with a gun they have a blind for you. One in particular that caught my eye was the UnderCover Pro 360degree blind. It has Carbon Exscent which is a carbon-based scent reduction built in lining so you want be worried about being seen or smelled. It also has Shadow Blocker Technology and LeafCover super realistic 3-d so your concealment is guaranteed. One thing about the blinds that really impressed Richard and I is the mesh cover and the amount of windows. Getting into filming this year we are excited that the many windows and quick release silent snaps are perfect when you need a quick setup and are unsure the direction that gobbling bird is coming from. Camera man and shooter will be comfortable and prepared for the arrival of their game.

Carbon Express debuted Built in Weight Forward technology specifically for hunters using broadheads. This technology improves down range accuracy due to better balance and faster recovery. Tru-Ball releases has a very impressive new micro adjustable back tension release Tru-Ball also came out with a whole new company called Axcel sights that had some very impressive competition sights to show off. Being their first year they haven’t came out with a hunter sight yet but we were insured it was on its way. They were very impressive sights though with every adjustment ability you can think of made quick and easy.

Along the line of broadheads Muzzy has two new bad to the bone buddies, the Muzzy MX3 and MX4. Muzzy is backed up by the best in the industry and is well known for the toughest broadheads on the market. I also checked out Arrowdynamic Solutions makers of the Gobbler Guillotine and the Atom. No doubt on the video the Guillotine was one bad broadhead specifically designed to stop a turkey in its tracks with the most humane shot. It comes in 125-grain 4-inch by 4-inch or a 100-grain 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch cutting width. No doubt it would do the job it is designed for!

Shooting a Hoyt I have to compliment LimbSaver for all they do and this year was no different. They came out with several new products this year including a line of sights that is very impressive. Being the clearest and brightest sight I have ever seen they caught my eye quick. Of course made by Limbsaver there is no added vibration when you put this site on your bow. They also came out with a fall away arrow rest and modular target and hunting stabilizers. Limbsaver is in the business of making you silent with their new Tentacle bow wrap, silent armor silicone spray for your treestand, and the Ultra Quad dampeners.

Quality Archery Designs has made their unbelievable Ultra-Rest even better. They added a Cord Lock, Harmonic Dampening System, and Larger Thumb lever for easier access. We have used this rest for the past couple years with very impressive results, after getting the rest my groups shrunk by half. I was surprised they could do anything to make it better but they have.

Nikon had several new scopes come out for 2007 and also a very impressive dot site. We always expect the best from Nikon and they never let us down. This year is no different with the new Laser IRT 4-12x42 it combines the speed of a Nikon rangefinder with the perfect accuracy of the Nikon BDC reticle. They also showed off three new binoculars that provide Nikon’s unsurpassed clarity and durability.

One thing that was very noticeable is Realtree’s new AP and APG patterns. They were posters everywhere at several different booths that carry the Realtree patterns. It is a impressive pattern, lighter than a lot of the other patterns we are use to. It will be a very popular all purpose pattern.

That is a brief overview of the things that impressed us at the show. I say brief because the show was unbelievable and the products were overwhelming. Everywhere you turn you see something new and exciting. I also love to catch up with friends at the show so it is just too much to do and see in three days. This year will truly be a great year for hunters with all the amazing product advancements and companies we have out there just wanting to make our experiences in the woods easier and more enjoyable.


2008 Milwaukee Outdoor Expo

When you’re hit with a harsh winter like we were this year in Wisconsin, it’s all the more enjoyable to get out and appreciate the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s annual “Sports Show.” Every year the Sports Show, which dates back to 1939, attracts over 150,000 visitors and nearly 500 exhibitors and features.   It’s a five day expo on the State Fairgrounds every March consisting of outdoor sports exhibits, as well as a large selection of boats, RVs, ATVs and outfitters.

My husband and I went on Saturday and were pleased to find the crowds very manageable.  Surprisingly, we were able to find parking right away and the ticket lines were long, but fast.  We went this year with a specific task in mind.  Due to a scheduling conflict, my families’ Canadian fishing adventure had to be cancelled for this coming summer and our job was to find a new outfitter.  For that purpose, the show was great.  We spoke one-on-one with over 15 Canadian fishing outfitters who could answer specific questions about what type of packages they offered. They were able to tell us on the spot if they had availability for this June which saved us a lot of time on the phone and internet.  We also gathered information on elk hunts offered throughout the U.S. in hopes of pursuing that adventure some day   Many exhibitors had photo albums of their outfit or ranch which can help you get a feel for the type of facilities and fish or game they offer.

The Sports Show offers a lot for kids as well.  Many of them were enjoying the “Kids Outdoor and Conservation Activities.”  There were glass cages filled with native Wisconsin critters, from snakes and salamanders to fish and turtles.  The rock wall had its share of climbers and there were daily contests to participate in, including archery, shooting and dog retrieving.  If we had more time I would’ve liked to stop by the scuba diving booth which was filled with gear and numerous instructors.  I’m curious as to what type of diving there is in Wisconsin.   I prefer warmth and clarity when I’m under water!

This year the Sports Show definitely served our purpose.  It helped us narrow down a new Canadian fishing outfitter and it inspired me to get out my bow and target shoot when we got home.  I would have preferred more bow hunting exhibits, but I’ll get my fill when we visit the “Buck and Turkey Show” in April at Madison’s coliseum which features mostly hunting.   It’s always fun to be surrounded by people who, like my family, have a passion for the outdoors.


ATA 2006 Baldy Awards

Please let all the photos load... it is worth it!!!

These photos were sent by Michele Leqve... Michele raised $7500 for the ASL Cancer Fund and Deb raised $1500.

We at WomenHunters are so proud of Michele and Deb for what they did for the ASL Cancer Fund. They are women to be admired for what they did... I was honored to be there. It was heart wrenching...

The photos in this group were sent in by Lisa Metheny...

© January 2006

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