“The Ambush”

It was the middle of September and my husband Jim and I were headed to the beautiful Blacks Hills of Wyoming to hunt the elusive species of Whitetail, Mule deer, and the Rocky Mountain Elk. After arriving and unpacking, we headed out to set up several treestands. For the next eight days we hunted hard for deer, while we patiently waited for the elk herds to move into the area. Using our Scent Blocker Suits in conjunction with our Scent Shield products had us confident that we would be able to fool these majestic animals. Being such big country, the deer would use so many different trails! Our only real concerns were to try and figure out which stands would be the best stands to hunt out of. It was a guessing game! The deer had us going crazy! We definitely needed some luck on our side!

On day nine I was fortunate enough to take a nice 5X4 satellite bull. My first Elk! It was a great hunt, but that’s another story for another time. As we were still struggling to get close enough to the bigger bucks that we were seeing, we decided to do some more scouting to see exactly which trails the big boys were coming out on. The next afternoon and into the early evening we were able to see several good bucks from both species coming out to feed in the alfalfa fields. Two nice Whitetails came down off the hill and hopped the fence to get a drink at the waterhole that was created by an overflowing cattle tank. There was a clump of trees about 20 yards from the waterhole. Jim looked at me and said, “We need to try and hunt that waterhole. It’s going to be warm again tomorrow, so we’ll take a look at it tomorrow morning after we get done hunting and see if we can put a treestand up in one of those trees.” He pauses and then says to me with a sneaky smile, “Then you can sit there tomorrow afternoon and ambush one of those bucks when they come in to drink”. With our game plan in action, and a little luck on my side, I would try to ambush a nice buck using the same tactics we were use to using to hunt antelope in Colorado. It was a bit unusual to hunt for Whitetails in Wyoming this way, but what did we have to lose? Our time was running out and fast!

So as planned, after our morning hunt, we put a treestand up in one of the trees by the water. It was the perfect setup! The deer wouldn’t suspect a thing. It was so comfortable and I would be hidden very well! At about 2:00 in the afternoon, Jim dropped me off at the waterhole and proceeded down the field drive about one mile away and to the back side of the alfalfa fields. He would give one of our original stands another go. It was warm, sunny, and a bit too hot for my taste; about 80°. I sat for only an hour before a parade of does, fawns and a few small bucks came filtering in a few at a time. They all drank and lazily walked back to the alfalfa field to enjoy a feeding frenzy! It worked; for not one of them knew I was there! Traffic was constant all afternoon, but still no shooter bucks in sight.

Finally, at dusk, I looked up to the top of the hill to see what looked like a nice, somewhat tall, tined buck standing silhouetted in the gray horizon! He wasn’t a monster, but definitely a shooter for the second to last day of our hunt! He slowly and cautiously walked the fence line down to the bottom of the hill and then gracefully hopped the fence. He stayed on the other side of the water tank (40 yards away) as he apprehensively crept closer. He then hopped another fence and walked out of sight to the right of me! I couldn’t see him since Jim had left several branches intact to keep me concealed, and thus keeping the tree as unchanged as possible. I patiently waited to see where and if he would appear. All of the sudden like magic he marched in to view just a mere 10 yards away! He hadn’t a clue that I was watching him so closely. He was now on the same side of the fence as I, and would need to hop the fence again before getting a drink! His attention was focused on the waterhole and he was just slightly quartering away. Taking advantage of the small window of opportunity, I drew my Mathews SQ2 bow and let my Carbon Express Arrow fly, where it quickly slipped in behind his front shoulder leaving behind a perfectly marked X from my Steelforce Saber Tooth broadhead! Once again the great equipment I use came through!

With adrenalin pumping he jumped the fence in front of him and literally crashed through the very first fence he had originally jumped. He bolted like lightning for 100 yards until he ran out of gas and toppled over. I was so excited! I climbed carefully out of my stand, and crossed the two fences. I quickly walked over to see my beautiful, dark-horned, 8-point laying there motionless in the field. Jim’s plan had worked and I had ambushed my Wyoming Whitetail!

I knew Jim would be coming shortly to pick me up, so I field dressed and dragged him to the field drive only a short distance of 70 yards. I was patiently waiting for Jim as I saw lights coming my way. I held my trophy’s horns high up into the head lights grinning from ear to ear as Jim stopped the truck laughing like Herman Munster in excitement as he congratulated me on my fine buck.

Little did I know he had a surprise for me as well; he too had shot a beautiful Whitetail! A 10-point! Success was in the air for this husband and wife bowhunting team!  It was a bittersweet ending, for the hunt was over until next season, and we now had to leave the beautiful, peaceful, hills of Wyoming. But because of the “Ambush” we were leaving with three of our four tags filled! We couldn’t have asked for a better hunt!

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