Trick or Treat! The Halloween Hunt

I had recently readied my favorite hunting location by hanging a treestand in a clump of trees overlooking a bare patch of grassy ground that I simply refer to as “The Field”.


The Field, as viewed from my treestand

Woods to the north and south, and CRP fields to the east and west surrounded The Field. There was also a vegetable garden in the center of The Field. This stand site was dubbed “The Hilton”, for it’s comfy and well-hidden perch in an oak tree. 


“The Hilton”


Also set up on the far end of The Field, was a Double Bull ground blind that I had set out a month earlier, in hopes that deer would get accustomed to it by the time I would hunt it in late October.

Well, they did, as the weekend before Halloween; I was sitting in my treestand 80 yards away when three deer walked out of the north woods.


They continued on right past the ground blind. I thought they were going to go inside it!


They disappeared into the chunk of woods behind the blind, but came back out an hour later.  Another hour passed and one more deer came from the woods to the north and strolled right past the blind again.

“Next weekend I’m gonna hunt from that blind!” I told myself.

The morning of Oct 31st found me sitting up in The Hilton to survey The Field, covered with a dusting of snow from the day before.


It may be hard to see, but my ground blind is next to the pine tree to the right & center.
I didn’t see any deer that morning, but vowed I would sit in my blind for the afternoon’s Halloween hunt. I was all dressed up as a deer hunter for Halloween and ready for some deer “candy”.

By 5:10 pm, two deer had come out of the woods from the north and were feeding near the edge of The Field. They were only 35 yards away, but facing me head on. I’d have to wait and hope they’d turn broadside. I needed to adjust my position inside my blind and get one of the window flaps ready for me to shoot but I couldn’t pull it off before one of the deer had me pegged. Actually, she smelled my snacks that I had just finished munching on. She snorted twice, ran off to the north and took her sibling with her.

I figured I’d just be patient and sit still, and perhaps they would be back. I could only hope and keep a positive attitude, as deer often took that exact route every evening.

A half hour later, they were back! They seemed to have forgotten all about the odd smell by the blind and didn’t even pay any attention to it on their return visit. This time I would be ready and have the correct window flap opened enough for me to poke my arrow tip out of.

I range found the closest deer to be at 30 yards. I drew back, put the pin behind her shoulder and released. The arrow passed all the way through and landed a few yards from where she previously stood. I watched where they both ran, behind the short row of pine trees, and then lost sight of them as they turned into the woods. I knew the deer wouldn’t last long so I checked my watch, 5:55 pm. I’d start blood trailing at 6:15.


View from my blind, looking north

While I waited for the time to pass, I called my husband, who was three hours away, harassing trick or treaters.

“Congratulations!” he said. But I don’t get overly excited until after I locate my downed deer.

The little bit of remaining snow on the ground made it much easier to see the blood spots.


The doe made a last 100-yard sprint, before she lay down and died. Now I could get excited.


On this Halloween hunt I was first “tricked”, but eventually got my “treat” … meat for the freezer!

On this hunt I used:
Mathews Switchback XT bow
Carbon Express Maxima Hunter arrows
Grim Reaper Broadheads
Nikon’s Archer’s Choice Laser Rangefinder
Double Bull Archery’s Ground Blind