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Quick Shot Holster

The grouse always flush when the gun is in my off hand, and is gone.

I recently saw an advertisement for “Quick Shot.” I am always interested in trying out a new products, so decided to try this when we went on our annual grouse hunt to the Upper Pennisula. Our hunt is nine days, all day, so this would put the Quick Shot to the ultimate test.

In a word, it's GREAT!


The Quick Shot kept my gun pointed in an upright position and away from fellow hunters or bird dogs zipping back and forth. It allowed me to keep my gun in the ready position for a quicker reaction times. Only a minimum amount of effort was required to keep the gun upright. The holster gave me a place to rest my gun and took the weight off my back.


The Quick Shot comes in Black or Mossy Oak and a 2” nylon belt is included. It also comes in a leather style but for the money the nylon belt did the trick for me. The Quick Shot fits all shotguns but may not work with the slip-on recoil pads.

One tip: Make sure the belt is snug. If not it will sag, which defeats the purpose.

For ordering information, check out Ugly Dog

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